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21st Century Handgun
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This course uses cutting-edge technology and thoroughly modern techniques to keep your handgun shooting on a climbing path no matter where you start. Grip architecture, sighting/vision considerations/drills, and posture "traps" will be treated in particular detail, all with an eye to developing a durable technique that withstands most any challenge (defensive shooting, competition, etc.). The curriculum can accommodate a wide range of skill levels and is essentially customized for each participant, but is not intended for absolute beginners. A single modern handgun with a minimum of two loading devices is recommended. Centerfire handguns are preferred, but your reliable rimfire is welcome too. All firearms must have a securely latching or zipping case, or you may work from your holster. (Holster certification required.) 200-300 rounds will be required per student. Please bring snack(s) to eat during breaks. We will be at the EAST Club for the class. Any questions to
Date and Time: 04/03/2021 12:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Member Cost: $175.00
Non-Member Cost:  $275.00
Weapon Type(s):   Handgun 

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