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Intro to AR
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NOTE: A rifle can be provided for this class if you do not own one. Introduction to the AR-15: This course includes AR-series rifles, pistols and pistol-caliber carbine firearms. Calibers can include any caliber chambered in the platform from .22 Long Rifle to .450 Bushmaster. Course Topics include basic firearms safety, breakdown of the AR parts, basic AR operation, maintenance, and a brief discussion of available accessories. The range portion of the class will include safety procedures, sighting the rifle in, stoppage clearing and basic rifle/pistol techniques. Live-fire involves shooting from a bench rest on the rifle range and adjusting sights to zero the firearm. How to clean and lubricate the firearm will be covered in the Maintenance section. Course length: 2 hours classroom, 1 hour range. Ammo Count: 40-60 Rounds (student provided). Students are encouraged to bring their own AR-15 to class including at least one magazine. No ammunition is allowed in the classroom. Eye and ear protection is required.
Date and Time: 05/02/2021 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Member Cost: $99.00
Non-Member Cost:  $119.00
Weapon Type(s):   Rifle 

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