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Silver Shooters A
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Silver Shooters is 8 total hours spread over TWO sessions. The course uses cutting-edge technology and thoroughly modern techniques to keep your handgun shooting on a climbing path no matter where you start. Grip architecture, sighting/vision considerations/drills, and posture "traps" will be treated in particular detail, and with an eye to developing a durable technique that withstands the challenges of reduced strength (particularly in the hands) and visual acuity. Despite the title, this course is appropriate for shooters of any age. The first session will introduce 21st Century Handgun techniques. The interaction of vision and firearm manipulation to achieve precise, rapid shot placement will be discussed in detail and integrated with a modern, versatile and self-diagnosing technique. A very specific sight-picture/trigger press drill will be demonstrated and practiced by students to build on 21st Century Handgun essentials. SESSION TWO (Sunday) expands technique recommendations from sessions one and relates them to edge-of-the-art technologies for both dry and live practice. A detailed examination of sight technologies and a chance to try many of them will be available. Additional individually coached practice. The last shooting session allows students to integrate use of their 21st Century/Silver Shooter skills in the context of "next steps," and an introduction to non lane-based shooting (including shooting while moving). One technology we feel strongly about for handgunning (and demonstrate it in Silver Shooters) is the MANTIS Training System. As an additional perk for attending SS, you will receive an additional discount over and above whatever Club discount may apply. Instructor for this session will be Frank Winn. He is a multidiscipline NRA-certified instructor with more than 30 years of teaching experience, as well as a USPSA and GSSF Master and Grandmaster competition shooter. He has won State, Regional and National titles. He is a past Guns & Gear Editor for an NRA "Official Journal" and has authored more than 400 articles in various publications. ~40% of class time will be spent shooting. The curriculum can accommodate a wide range of skill levels and is essentially customized for each participant, but is not intended for absolute beginners. A single modern handgun with a minimum of two loading devices is recommended for the entire course, and changes should be discussed in advance with the instructor. Centerfire handguns are preferred, but your reliable rimfire is welcome too. All firearms must have a securely latching or zipping case. 200-300 rounds will be required per student. A stiff belt and sound holster are helpful, but not required. Any questions to
Date and Time: 11/20/2021 01:30 PM - 05:30 PM
Member Cost: $179.00
Non-Member Cost:  $249.00
Weapon Type(s):   Handgun 

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